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Pascal PUJEAU, Directeur Qualité et Relation Client, McKesson France

"Business Advantage has conducted customer satisfaction research for McKesson in France, through our User Association Group, SynergiH, on an annual basis for four years now and we have been delighted with the results and the professionalism that Business Advantage always display."


"The quality of the interviewing and especially the quality of the mother-tongue French interviewers and supervisors at Business Advantage has been excellent."


"We would unreservedly recommend Business Advantage's market research services."


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Andy Harris, European & UK Graphic Arts Customer Marketing, Professional Print Solutions, Canon Europe

"I can highly recommend Business Advantage as a full service agency capable of delivering the full gamut from original market research to practical sales tools."


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Henrik Huss, General Manager - RSE

"Business Advantage's research into international markets has provided us with high quality data that we can really act on; they clearly have great expertise and experience in every stage of this work, from design through to delivery."


"Business Advantage's extensive practical experience enabled them to understand our highly specialised market very quickly, and then successfully conduct a highly complex international research project that provided us with vital market intelligence."


"The combination of Business Advantage's expertise at dealing with international projects, research experience and impartiality provided us with a clear picture of the North American market for one of our products."


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Lars Dousa, V.P. Sales & Marketing

"The market research that Business Advantage has conducted for us has been very thorough, with excellent data and recommendations that we can really act on. Their research into our customers, competitors and the image and awareness of our products and services has been unfailingly professional and productive."


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Jan Andersson, Regional Manager EMEA

"Business Advantage's international research to assess the opportunities we have for selling a newly developed product within a new market was both thorough and useful. By finding out which countries currently use this type of product, how they use it and where else we might be able to sell it, we were able to decide with confidence and precision whether and how to attack this new market."


"Business Advantage was highly proficient at getting to grips with a new, complex and high tech international market. They produced information of excellent quality which was reported on and presented to us extremely professionally. I look forward to using them again for market research projects in the future."


"Working in partnership with Business Advantage on this project not only helped confirm our strategic directions, but also enabled our senior executive team to expand their relationships with our most important customers."


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Richard Humphrey, Senior Director, Industry Strategy & Development, Engineering, Natural Resources, Infrastructure

"Business Advantage has repeatedly demonstrated excellent project management and research skills. We're a data driven company and Business Advantage has given us particularly good insights into multiple markets. They always present that information in actionable ways that influences and drives our strategy and tactics. I especially liked the consultative relationship that developed between Autodesk and Business Advantage and know we can rely on their project teams."


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Matt Rodgers, Software Product Marketing

"I have been extremely satisfied with every project that Business Advantage has delivered in the past. I knew that Business Advantage's approach was thorough with accurate, on-time and on-budget deliverables. Because of Business Advantage's sector expertise, I saved considerable time and effort in background briefings and explanations that would otherwise have been necessary. The Business Advantage team is a pleasure to work with."


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Laura Gutwillig, Senior Product Manager, AEC Strategic Initiatives

"Business Advantage's research met our objectives completely - absolutely nail on the head. Business Advantage has the resources and expertise to apply the research techniques that get the best results, anywhere in the world. Business Advantage's input was crucial during the planning phase. They have great expertise in understanding which research technique to apply to get the best results."


They obtain information that is simply not available from other sources. This has helped us to understand our business better, and to focus our plans for targeting these markets and developing our products and services. This research has identified opportunities we hadn't thought about. It's not just the quality of the information that Business Advantage uncover, there's also a high level of analysis, with strong recommendations for action."


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Goran Borjesson, Global Launch Manager

"Business Advantage had the international research capabilities required for this project which covered APAC, US and Europe. The fact that Business Advantage were based in Europe was helpful to us, Europe is a collection of many markets, and Business Advantage had a very good understanding of the problems there. Business Advantage would definitely be considered as a supplier for future projects and therefore be invited to tender. We had a very good relationship, Business Advantage know their business."


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Abhi Singh, Senior Product Manager, Content Solutions

"Business Advantage delivered exactly what we wanted. The project met all our objectives - we gained important insights into the needs of our customers, and to the marketing practice and plans of manufacturers. The research really crystallised the business opportunity for us and confirmed the direction we should be taking. As a result, our new web service - Autodesk Seek - is now up and running and helping designers in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries to find building products and associated design content in their preferred format."


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Paul Rajski, Vice President of Marketing

"Business Advantage was able to provide the combination of research, consultancy and conference facilitating services that we needed. They were very professional and well organised and did a great job of interviewing the customers prior to the conference in Rome. The conference was an extremely high level, important event and we needed a senior individual like Chris Turner to facilitate a strategic planning discussion between very high-ranking executives from around the world. Chris was very effective as a third party in this environment; he clearly has a lot of experience in this field, and enhanced the event through his understanding of our needs and the direction he provided. Chris was very successful at drawing out opinions from all members of the group, pursuing avenues of thought and enabling valuable conclusions to be drawn."


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Anne Piquet, Market Study Manager, Lectra

"After many projects over a number of years in the UK, in various other EMEA countries and the Americas I can highly recommend Business Advantage's services. The projects have enabled us to better understand our markets, make better decisions on sales and marketing activities, target key decision makers and companies, make our sales team more productive and assist in growing revenues. In particular their data and Target Name Research services have always delivered the project objectives and the quality of the data has been excellent. I've also found Business Advantage to be a highly professional organisation, very flexible, easy to work with, with strong international capability and great industry knowledge."


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Pierre G.L. Jansen, Director SELECT Support Organisation

"We selected Business Advantage to conduct our customer satisfaction research because of their expertise in multi-country projects; they understand our business very well and have the capacity to set up surveys in different languages at very short notice."


"When conducting our customer satisfaction research, Business Advantage has provided a highly flexible, professional service that has been closely tailored to our needs. As well as presenting accurate data, their knowledge of our markets enables them to make valuable recommendations for action."


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Competitor Intelligence Manager, An International Telecommunications Company

"The approach used by Business Advantage has proved to be a combination of 'understanding the customer's requirements', 'going the extra mile' and 'keeping the customer informed'. From the initial bid stage, right through to the final deliverable, Business Advantage staff demonstrate high levels of flexibility, pragmatism and communication skills, three extremely important elements when dealing with problems that tend to be very fuzzy and demanding. Business Advantage display a refreshingly honest approach, using their experience to point out where something is likely to be delivered or not. Their use of a rating system in their bids is unique, from my experience."


"Business Advantage have shown that they are capable of dealing with European fieldwork, employing talented multi-lingual staff who also possess sound practical knowledge. The entire package provided by Business Advantage has made it easier in terms of positioning the findings of the research internally. We are very satisfied with the service received from Business Advantage and the results from their studies are helping us shape our future strategy in Western Europe."


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Carin Langemark, Marketing Communications Manager

"The international customer satisfaction surveys that Business Advantage conduct for us annually are a vital element of our drive to meet customers' needs. This research has enabled us to get to the heart of how customers perceive our business and adapt our services accordingly. Business Advantage really understands our business, and pays attention to the details that we think matter."


"Business Advantage's research into potential customers around the world has provided invaluable market intelligence to support our marketing strategy. Their research experience, market understanding and dedication to satisfying our needs has produced actionable data of excellent quality."


"Business Advantage's competitor analysis research into our international markets was invaluable in helping the EssNet (now part of Scientific Games) Management Team understand the strengths and weaknesses both of our competitors and ourselves. An impressive amount of detailed information about competitors' operations was uncovered and the market knowledge and experience of individual employees was brought together for the first time. We have since been able to capitalise on our strengths with great success both in formulating a realistic business strategy which targets niche areas of our market, and in guiding the marketing campaigns of our advertising agency."


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Daniel Del Pino, EMEA Market Research Manager for HP PPS

"Business Advantage has conducted research for HP for many years and this particular project has obtained numerous insights into small business users and buyers still using Windows XP. The study has revealed that there is a fundamental lack of awareness of Windows XP's obsolescence among these customers."


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Alexander Braun,Research Manager

"It's difficult to convince small shop owners to be available for interview, it takes a lot of interviewer skill. However, we knew from the past that Business Advantage was completely at home in this type of market research. Its interviewers have that flexibility and ability to create an immediate rapport with interviewees. The result is that, despite the difficulty of the research, Business Advantage have always met the sample size requirements. Business Advantage also has the knowledge and capability to bring extra structure and focus to projects where internal departments may benefit from its objective, experienced eye."


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Diane Orlando, World Wide Media Marketing Manager

"Business Advantage has provided us with the answers to some vital questions. For our customers, we now have a much better understanding of where and why they purchase, and how open are they to changing these patterns. For our channel partners, we have a greater understanding of their margin expectations, and their sales empowerment needs."


"Business Advantage's highly proactive approach, plus their ability to suggest workable solutions to the challenges that arose, enabled the project to be finished on time with excellent results. They are highly skilled at conducting research in a consistent and productive way across different countries. We have found it best to call on their consultancy expertise when setting objectives and measures for success. They are the professionals. We are looking forward to using their expertise again in future; not just for research, but also in developing follow-on market and channel empowerment strategies."


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European Market Research Manager (Imaging & Printing Systems)

"This work really helped us to understand this market and the potential level of demand for this product. We discovered that consumers with the product already were extremely enthusiastic about it. Business Advantage was very responsive to our needs and they understand our market well. Their market research and reporting skills are very good. Business Advantage has worked together many times with us and we certainly plan to use them again."


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Jim Campbell, Workstations Marketing Manager

"Business Advantage helped us to think outside the box and to understand how we can take advantage of other resources within HP to realise additional opportunities and deliver additional benefits to our business. If every piece of research came back and confirmed what you believed, it would be of no value to you. Real research quality can be measured by how provocative and evocative it is, how much it makes you think. The quality of the Business Advantage process was superb. The results knocked us back on our heels and made us reassess if we were doing the right thing."


"Overall we were very satisfied with the project, because it achieved what it set out to achieve and did it on time. We are very likely to use Business Advantage again in a couple of months time when we conduct further tests within Europe."


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Suzanne Tylka, IPG Research

"Business Advantage did a fantastic job in the way they used all their many resources to search out a particularly hard-to-reach niche market. They always kept us informed, were flexible, and I knew, from past experience with them that I could be confident in the quality of the data they produced."


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Anne de Choudens, Warranty Manager, HP France

"It was really great! It was the first time we had done this kind of study. Business Advantage proposed a way of doing benchmarking that was new to us. They were the only company to propose this approach. All three benchmarking projects went well, but the digital cameras project was the best one, because we were comparing apples with apples."


"The results were very actionable. The key thing is that Business Advantage really understood what we wanted. The outcome perfectly answered our needs. It was strong data. It was important for us to identify areas for improvement. One month after the project we saw some significant results in our performance. We identified some big gaps and implemented an action plan focusing on certain areas to improve the customer's experience. We are following new metrics and seeing ongoing improvements month on month."


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Elena Rodriguez, Market Research Manager, HP Spain

"I have worked with Business Advantage on research projects in the past and I have always been impressed with the professionalism of the staff there."


"Business Advantage demonstrated to us that they have a lot of experience and knowledge of the printer sector and a good understanding of the Large Format market."


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Mike Smith, Competitor Intelligence Manager

"Business Advantage demonstrated excellent project management skills and also very good research skills. The Project Manager kept us up to date with the status of the project and every stage was delivered within the agreed time frames. Business Advantage gave us particularly good insights into the main European markets and they used their initiative to lay out the information in a way we found very helpful. I particularly liked the consultative relationship that developed between IBM and Business Advantage and I was very impressed with the strong analytical skills demonstrated by the project team. Business Advantage delivered three very effective Global Sales Guides that now help our people understand how our products compare with those of our competitors. The project certainly met our expectations. It was cost effective and we were very satisfied with it."


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Rain Eriksoo, Marketing Director

"We were delighted with the professionalism and quality of Business Advantage's research into the satisfaction levels of our international customers and partners. The relative importance they placed on particular products and services against actual levels of satisfaction with them were studied and the results have formed the basis of our Company Improvement Programme. Our sales and profitability are benefiting from staff being more focused on increasing customer and partner satisfaction and our ability to respond to their needs and problems more effectively."


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Eric Schaad, Regional Search Manager, MSN EMEA Business Unit

"Business Advantage's study has really helped to fill a great gap in our knowledge of our search service. For example a key weakness in the operations of one of our larger markets was identified early on, which saved us a lot of money and helped us to improve our service." I was very impressed with all levels of their staff. They were very accommodating when changes to the project were required - in the costing, the fieldwork, and the reporting. I really appreciated their flexibility in adjusting to my frequently changing needs and requirements for a very large-scale project. They quickly understood the complexities of the project to ensure it's outcome was a great success."


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Lars Andre, Managing Director

"Using Business Advantage to conduct our customer satisfaction research has enabled us to really get to the heart of what our international customers think, and to take effective action to improve our products and services."


"Business Advantage both understands and satisfies our marketing needs and works swiftly to meet deadlines."


"We feel that Business Advantage's expertise at customer satisfaction research and their professional objectivity enables them to draw out the most honest and therefore most useful answers from our clients."


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Phil Henesey, European Channel Manager

"Business Advantage's excellent research skills and comprehensive understanding of our market have produced research results we know we can trust to underpin our marketing decisions. Recent surveys of our target markets discovered a high level of interest in our new product. We therefore decided to allocate funds to market the product and are delighted that it has since enjoyed a successful launch."


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Howard Rippiner, Group Marketing Manager

"We added our own private questions to Business Advantage's annual CAD Reseller Listing update to identify potential resellers for our products. We were delighted to receive data of excellent quality, sourced by highly skilled researchers at a fraction of the cost of finding the information ourselves."


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Emily Young, Marketing Communications Business Manager

"I am happy with the project and it met its objectives. It is important for us to work on a pan-European level, so it's essential that Business Advantage is able to work in different languages and across different countries. The recommendations that Business Advantage made enabled us to explore changes leading to improved brand recognition and reduced market confusion. We will be repeating the Post-IBC research this year to measure how perceptions have changed over time."


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Isabelle Sogno-Lalloz, Market Research Manager

"The results of the research have been incorporated into our marketing plan. All the projects done by Business Advantage in the media sector have increased the knowledge of the marketing team. Business Advantage did the survey very well. They are very professional and have a good understanding of our business."


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Jon Hilton, General Manager

"There are very few statistics available on a new market we are operating in, and we had put together a marketing strategy based on assumptions. Business Advantage's work enabled us to confirm these assumptions and gave us a much clearer and broader view of where the digital content creation market is heading. The information supplied by Business Advantage was of extremely good quality, and has played a vital role in the shaping of our marketing strategy."


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Mru Patel, Sales Manager, Central Government

"Business Advantage did a fantastic job and really helped us move things along. We were impressed with the speed with which they understood this new market and the issues involved. We hope to work with Business Advantage again on future projects."


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Gerard de Pender, Senior Product Manager

"The results of the research provided by Business Advantage have definitely been very useful, both for us and for the main headquarters in Japan. We used the information as input to our strategic planning and we also used it to explain certain things to people within our organisation. We look forward to working with Business Advantage again in the future."


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Carol McAvoy, Vice President

"This was the first time we had undertaken a research project of this magnitude in Europe, and we were looking for a compatible market research company with the ability to engage with senior executives in multiple European languages."


"Using Business Advantage offered us a team of seasoned professionals who could speak with potential respondents in the languages in which they were most comfortable. Getting hold of high level contacts within these giant companies made this project a complex one and it often took many calls to reach them. BA was also able to supplement our pool of potential interviewees with numerous new contacts."


"Business Advantage did a very good job in helping us to acquire the European data we needed in order to produce our international report."


"The service received from Business Advantage was excellent. Great work on a tough assignment!"


"We would certainly use Business Advantage in the future for both European and US projects."


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Manasvi Thawani, Director – Corporate Strategy, PTC

“I have worked with a number of research firms over the past years most of which are very good but are technology generalists. At PTC, we require researchers who have expertise specifically in the manufacturing CAD/CAM market vertical where we operate, and who have access to the breadth of specific respondents we require not only in the US but in countries and languages around the world. As an expert in our industry, Business Advantage was able to develop the right questions to ask to gain the data we required, and they have the data and reach to conduct research globally


We were extremely happy with the outcome and results of the project which enabled us to make an informed, data-driven decision on the right growth opportunity for us to invest in. In addition, as the project progressed, the Business Advantage team was flexible in adapting to changes to the project when we realized we needed to be even more specific in terms of who was being recruited to take part in the in-depth interviews Business Advantage was conducting for our research. We appreciated this flexibility and willingness to adapt to our changing requirements.


We view Business Advantage as a thought-leader in the Manufacturing CAD/CAM space based on their experience and their conducting an annual survey to report on the state of the CAD/CAM Industry “Global CAD Trends Report.” The fact that the report is updated to track new and important trends each year demonstrates Business Advantage’s knowledge of the CAD/CAM market and that they are keeping up with the rapid changes taking place within our market.”


For further information, contact us on +44 (0) 1689 873636, or info@business-advantage.com


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