Database Services

Database services enable clients to maximise marketing effectiveness by building, maintaining and using accurate prospect and customer data.


Database services


The volume of direct marketing carried out globally is ever increasing and in an age of ever more focused database marketing, access to targeted and accurate market intelligence will always be a major determinant of success.


Our recent article Cyberliability looks at What it would take to tempt employees to download and hand over sensitive company information to a stranger.


Our expertise allows you to:


  • Source precisely targeted data
  • Build upon your database by adding new companies that match your target market
  • Clean your data to increase its profit making potential
  • Enhance your data to enable more precise targeting
  • Analyse your data to help you understand your present data and then target new customers


The UK CAD/CAM User Site Database


We provide database services across all B2B sectors but one area of particular expertise is the technical computing sector. Here, we supply you with ready to use, highly targeted and accurate data on potential customers in the UK technical computing markets (including CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/FEA/CFD).


This data from our own scrupulously researched and maintained database of 130,000 users is available for purchase, rent or lease ...more about our UK CAD/CAM User Site Database.



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