Competitor Analysis

To compete successfully you have to know who you're up against.


competitor analysis


Access to in-depth analysis on major competitors - their structure, products/services, strategy, strengths and weaknesses - enables you to really focus on targeting resources where they will have the most impact.


Access to comprehensive analysis of a major competitor will enable you to:


  • understand their mission and objectives and develop your own accordingly
  • develop realistic sales targets through understanding the scale of their operations and turnover
  • implement product/service improvements to counter strengths/weaknesses and innovations in their product portfolio
  • position your prices appropriately
  • target your direct sales policies through knowing their distribution channels
  • offer competitive discounts and payment terms
  • develop an appropriate marketing communications strategy in response to their messages
  • strengthen your products/services and marketing strategy according to how your competitors and their products are perceived by their customers


Together we'll identify your needs in order to establish the avenues we need to explore. Our comprehensive approach to analysing your competitors will involve both primary and secondary research using a range of creative techniques and initiatives.


All the information will be collected and presented in a user friendly report containing charts, graphs and quotes as appropriate. This will also include a concise management summary with actionable conclusions and recommendations.


"Business Advantage's competitor analysis research into our international markets was invaluable. An impressive amount of detailed information about competitors' operations was uncovered."
Marketing Communications Manager, Scientific Games

All Business Advantage's competitor analysis research is conducted ethically and in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), of which Business Advantage is a member. More information on our ethical approach


Competitor Analysis Case Studies


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