Database Cleaning

Only accurate data gets results. Inaccurate data limits marketing effectiveness and damages business reputations.


database cleaning


Data Cleaning is part of Business Advantage's database enrichment service and provides the most cost-effective way of ensuring that your existing records are as accurate as possible.


Our recent article The Effect of Data Quality on Brand Equity stresses how good quality data allows you to accurately analyse your customer base, make informed decisions and improve strategic planning performance.



Key Benefits

Our address and other data verification services ensures you have clean data. By cleaning your data we enable you to:


  • improve profits through more accurate targeting of sales prospects
  • reduce costs and avoid wasting marketing resources on incorrect contact details
  • build brand value - preserve and improve your company's good name.


database cleaning


The Process

The Data Cleaning process consists of two elements:


a) Electronically matching and updating your data from proprietary databases

Provide us with a definition of the type of companies you want data on, and we will identify the most cost-effective source of this data. This could be from our own scrupulously maintained databases, or sourced externally.


b) Telephone Cleaning

Our expert telephone database cleaning operatives will then telephone the organisations to check relevant names and contact details.


Any records which our data shows to be dead are annotated as such. Your database is then returned to you, in the format of your choice, with all matching records fully updated and ready to work effectively.


"I was very impressed by Business Advantage's professionalism and flexibility as well as the cost of the project. I have recommended them to colleagues and have used them since on two occasions for data cleaning and data acquisition projects."
Senior Manager UK Marketing Operations, BT


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