Market Segmentation

Which of your prospects are "most likely" to purchase your offering?


Market Segmentation Research


Segmenting a market into different groups enables companies to address the particular needs of their customers.


Segmentation uncovers those who have similar needs, those who make purchases or use products or services in the same way. A market segment is a subgroup of people sharing similar characteristics and because each segment shares the same attitudes and behaviours, they generally respond in the same way to a given marketing strategy.


Our approach


Business Advantage has a number of approaches to segmentation which can include secondary research, qualitative research and quantitative research. Smaller studies can include research into key competitors' marketing efforts, talking to industry experts and commentators or end users about new product introductions or conducting needs analyses from qualitative research with individuals and groups.


With large quantitative studies Business Advantage is able to conduct advanced statistical analysis to segment the respondents and reveal hidden groups which differ according to their needs.


These often cross markets and will emerge from differences in response to key questions.

These can be profiled using information on the questionnaire (e.g. market and firmographics) and, ultimately, strategies can be developed around each segment, based on their needs, attitudes and behaviours. These emerging segments tend to be much more effective than segmenting the market based on existing variables e.g. market and sector, which may have little if any, difference on some key questions.


Following completion of the project Business Advantage can develop a set of questions which allow us to estimate segment membership for new cases, so that other customers can be classified into these segments, using a "typing tool". This means that appropriate communications and messages can be targeted to groups according to their specific needs.


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