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Your Customers, Your Competitors' Customers, Your Employees


Customer Satisfaction


Keep your customers satisfied

Understanding your customers' views of your products and services enables you to take the right action to keep their business


Find out if your competitors' customers are satisfied?

Identifying sources of competitive customer dissatisfaction can provide opportunities to target and win new clients


Keep your employees satisfied

If you want to find out what employees really think you need a survey carried out by an independent research body



"We selected Business Advantage to conduct our customer satisfaction research because of their expertise in multi-country projects; they understand our business very well and have the capacity to set up surveys in different languages at very short notice."
Director SELECT Support Organisation, Bentley

Our recent article Customer Satisfaction takes a look at the key drivers for customer loyalty.....and causes and effects of dissatisfaction.

The cost of retaining an existing customer or employee is far less than acquiring a new one. Many of our clients have recognised the benefit of taking affirmative action via satisfaction studies. Business Advantage can help you to monitor the quality of delivery of, for example, products and services or working environment, and perceptions of management areas requiring improvement can quickly be identified and addressed.


A well designed satisfaction study will not only tell you how satisfied your customers are but will also identify those areas of greatest importance to your business. Business Advantage can provide guidance on how much effort you should put into trying to raise your satisfaction scores in key areas.


Satisfaction studies are most effective when conducted over time. A benchmark level of satisfaction is established and then monitored at regular intervals. This type of study may include qualitative research to establish which aspects of products and services are important to the target group. This could take the form of in-depth interviews by telephone, face-to-face focus groups or online focus groups. A research plan is developed in conjunction with our client and implemented using our expert telephone interviewers or a web survey across a larger sample of the target group. Results are fully analysed and actionable recommendations provided. Setting realistic targets and monitoring satisfaction levels regularly can significantly improve the loyalty of the target group. Our clients often find that a workshop with Business Advantage is useful to discuss the results and apply the key learnings to your company.


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