Buyer Persona Research

Successful businesses have always understood their customers' needs, studied them, monitored changes and continuously adapted their products, services, sales and marketing strategies to suit. Personas are simply the latest approach to achieving this same objective, although in a more refined and typically more comprehensive way than previous approaches.

"With the goal of increasing Autodesk's growth rate with Very Small Businesses (VSB) we commissioned Buyer Persona research to understand similarities and differences between VSB across various industries, countries and cultures. The knowledge and insights gained are enabling better product positioning and more resonant marketing campaigns for VSB."

Senior Manager, Small Business Strategy and Development, Autodesk

Buyer Persona White Paper and Case Study

1. Introduction and History
2. What is a Buyer Persona?
3. Who should use them?
4. How do you create them?
5. Common mistakes to avoid
6. Buyer Persona Interview Guide

Buyer Persona Buyer Persona
Why and How Buyer Personas Will Help Grow Your B2B Business
Often B2B sales are lost or missed through simple perception gaps: misunderstood needs, mismatched priorities, failures of communication, ... If only your salesmen could read their buyers' minds? The technology isn't there yet but the next best thing is a Buyer Persona. This white paper presents an up-to-date overview of the “dos” and “don'ts” of creating and using Personas to grow your business, better understand your existing customers and apply a laser-like focus on finding and satisfying new customers.

Buyer Personas ARE deeply qualitatively researched descriptions of real buyers who influence or make decisions on the products, services or solutions you market. They present behaviours, real insights and understanding of about how, when and why your buyers make the decisions you want to influence - their goals, motivations, mindset, common behaviour patterns, professional and personal pain points, language, demographic and biographic information.

They are a tool to enable you to know your buyer as you know a character in a good novel so that your strategies and tactics better persuade buyers to choose your company rather than a competitor (or the status quo).

"Business Advantage has provided us with the answers to some vital questions. For our customers, we now have a much better understanding of where and why they purchase, and how open are they to changing these patterns. For our channel partners, we have a greater understanding of their margin expectations, and their sales empowerment needs." World Wide Media Marketing Manager, HP


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