Pricing Research

Which pricing strategy is right for your company's products? Among the many factors to consider are: market share, product/brand positioning, competitors pricing strategies and stage of product lifecycle.


Pricing Research


A good understanding of pricing factors in your target market(s) will enable you to:


  • remain competitively priced
  • ensure your prices match your brand position
  • encourage customer loyalty by offering appropriate loyalty discounts
  • optimise revenues and maximise profits
  • establish the value of add-on benefits


Our recent article Taking the Uncertainty out of Pricing Decisions demonstrates how in today's economy and highly competitive environment, the importance of getting your company's pricing strategy right has never been greater. Read how to take some of the uncertainty out of pricing decisions.

Business Advantage offers a range of quantitative pricing techniques such as conjoint analysis, van Westendorp and Gabor-Granger. We also use secondary research and qualitative techniques to identify who your competitors are in your chosen market(s) and then undertake a thorough examination of their products/services and their pricing strategies.


This type of research typically includes both secondary and primary research techniques gathering information from:


  • competitors' employees
  • distributors
  • customers
  • information in the public domain.


Pricing Research Case Studies


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