Corporate Sales Development Services


Corporate Sales Development Services





Persuading corporate businesses to trial products and services is a highly effective way to stimulate high volume sales. It is a resource intensive business however, with a lot of skilled influencing needed to create the initial interest, maintain the commitment to evaluate your product, and then generate actual sales.




Business Advantage's expertise in corporate sales development can enable you to:


  • maximise sales to large volume corporate purchasers
  • develop and maintain awareness among resellers of the requirements of individual corporate customers
  • adapt marketing action according to evaluation feedback to increase market acceptability and sales potential.




Business Advantage will qualify a selection of corporate businesses to select the agreed number with the greatest potential for sales. After receiving a full brief from you and familiarising ourselves with the relevant product, we act as a promoter for you and approach the selected companies with your proposal. Liaising with you at all stages we then:


  • install a sample of your product
  • encourage the relevant decision makers to complete the evaluation questionnaire at the end of the trial period
  • disseminate the findings throughout the company to raise awareness of the product's benefits
  • obtain a quotation for their likely requirements
  • contact the preferred reseller and provide support needed to close sales
  • 'nurse' the sales through to completion
  • provide you with all the feedback from the evaluation.


This approach can also be adapted to persuade the key resellers to corporate businesses to evaluate new products, and then setting up a programme to encourage these businesses to purchase from these resellers.




Business Advantage can act as professional and persuasive surrogates for your business. We are uniquely resourced and skilled to carry out this type of work; we have a team of professional telemarketers who will ensure the best potential customers sign up for trial periods.



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