Database Building


database building


If you're looking to add new companies to your prospect database, or are wanting to build a new database from scratch, you'll want data that gives you the best chance of winning new business.


The Process

We provide 2 separate Database Building services which can, but do not have to, follow-on:


a) Electronically Sourced Data

Provide us with a definition of the type of companies you want data on, and we will identify the most cost-effective source of this data. This could be from our own scrupulously maintained databases, or sourced externally.


b) Telemarketing

Our expert telemarketing team will then interview relevant prospects, check that they are willing to be added to a marketing database, and gather the information you need according to your marketing objectives. We then provide you with the new database in the format of your choice.


Key Benefits

By building your database with highly targeted, accurate data we will enable you to:


  • target the right decision makers with the most effective messages
  • gain a better return on your marketing activities
  • break into new markets, or expand existing ones
  • protect brand value by avoiding mis-directed marketing communications
  • grow sales


"Business Advantage exceeded our expectations in the number of new contacts they collected and in obtaining email addresses."
Marketing Manager, BT

Business Advantage - Global Provider

We combine our expertise in building and maintaining databases with that in telemarketing to provide you with the best possible foundation for sales and marketing activity. Our experience worldwide of gathering fresh, accurate data means we can deliver a database of new prospects from almost any market in the world, no matter how niche. As specialists in marketing to and on behalf of the IT and Telecommunications sectors, we will provide you with data that can be used in the most effective manner possible.


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