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One area of particular specialism is the digital broadcasting sector where Business Advantage has carried out thousands of interviews; completed dozens of projects and has more than 100 man-years of experience. In this sector we have worked for many companies, all leaders at the forefront of the digital revolution, such as, Sony, Autodesk, HP, Powerwave (formerly Allgon), MSN, Yahoo (Inktomi), etc.


Work in the digital broadcasting, digital content creation and digital media and entertainment sectors ranges across our four main services, Market Research and Analysis, Consultancy, Database Services and Business Development.


Examples of completed projects in digital broadcasting:


Research on the Digital Content Creation Market

 - Interviews with 200+ resellers throughout Europe to assess the new market opportunities for producing equipment to run digital video and new media content; with a view to developing our client's marketing strategy.


Speaker Market Research

 - Research in the UK, Germany and France to understand how the retail channel perceived our client and key competitive hi-end speaker brands; identifying the most important selling points for retail; understanding the relevance of the trend toward Home Theatre Systems and what threats/advantages this posed.


Broadcast Research in Spain

 - Research involved in-depth telephone interviews with broadcasters, together with 170 structured telephone interviews with production houses, local TV stations, audiovisual education establishments and broadcast dealers across Spain. The research aimed to find out awareness, usage, image and perceptions of our client versus key competitors in each of the target audiences, with a view to revising strategy moving forward.


Digital Broadcasting Support Research

 - Research amongst professional camera owners and competitive users  -  group discussions to elicit in-depth understanding and brainstorm new ideas regarding support programmes, together with structured telephone interviewing amongst a larger sample to gain a fuller market picture.


Optical Disc

 - Research project on awareness and understanding of Optical Disc technologies in the USA, UK and France, including a series of focus groups in the UK and France looking at the issues of Optical Disc and the marketing communications supporting it.


High Definition

 - Research study in France, Germany and the UK to understand awareness, perceptions and likelihood to purchase High Definition products.


Professional Recording Media

 - End user research in the five core European markets, looking at awareness, usage, purchasing patterns and perceptions of brands of broadcast tape, together with advertising awareness and recall.


Competitor Analysis

 - Profiling of 10 competitors in the digital media and entertainment sector in different areas, such as audio/video conferencing, medical and signage.


Digital Radio and Digital TV Market Research

 - Research to measure take up of digital radio and TV and investigate the infrastructure, roll-out needs and other requirements of companies providing a digital offering.


Digital Fine Arts Market Study

 - Research to understand awareness and usage of digital solutions in both the production and creative arms of the digital fine arts market across the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Digital Content Website Research

 - Auditing the website content, consistency, colouration, digital content and branding violations of our client's own 170+ websites and also over 2,000 partner websites.


Digital Media and Entertainment  -  Education Sector

 - Research amongst hundreds of university faculties across the world to devise a strategy to drive increased usage and institutional adoption of our client's digital media and entertainment offerings.


Film, TV and Video Games Usage

 - Global web study to understand how users in the Film, TV and Video Games sectors learn about, use and rate the effectiveness of various specialized digital content creation software.


Competitive Search Engine Relevancy

 - A number of evaluation studies for different search engine companies to determine the relevance of search results on FAST, Google, MSN and Yahoo in the following countries: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK.


Digital Content Creation Database & Lead Generation

 - Building a database of digital content creation user companies throughout Europe, identifying the key decision makers and their full contact details, followed by lead generation to ascertain their interest in a range of DCC solutions and services.


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