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Giclee Printing

An art world creation or a target market? We discuss whether printing vendors should pay more attention to artists and photographers.


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Has the colour drained from Green IT?

i PRINT looks at the general Green IT issue, which, of course, remains topical for everyone involved in the printing sector too...


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IPEX, the major printing exhibition, showcases the latest technology advances in both the digital and analogue print markets such as large format printers, 3D printers, offset printers or industrial printers....

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Taking the Uncertainty out of Pricing Decisions

This example of our Pricing Research demonstrates how in today's economy and highly competitve environment, the importance of getting your company's pricing strategy right has never been greater. Read how to take some of the uncertainty out of pricing decisions.


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HP Enters the 3D Printer Market

HP announced its entrance into the 3D printing market, with the launch of its first HP Designjet 3D printing solution aimed at the mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) and educational markets.

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