New Product Development

Developing a new product or service cannot be done blind; you need to know what features potential customers want, and what would give you the edge over your competitors' products. Armed with this knowledge you can develop a product or service that sells and sells well.


New Product Development


Our analysis of your new product/service opportunity can enable you to:


  • establish the required unique selling points
  • define and position the brand image
  • minimise the risk of launching it
  • maximise the benefit of your development budget


  • make informed, cost effective decisions on the inclusion of certain features
  • establish the likely demand for it
  • maximise its profit-making potential.

Our methods will depend on the stage at which we are involved; we can work on an idea, or on any stage of the development of the product or service. Research works very effectively when planning to enhance an existing product.


Generally we would first gather qualitative information through in-depth interviews or focus groups with potential customers to establish the features that are important to them, and how they would use the product or service; this could involve comparisons to competitors' products. We then conduct a larger sample of telephone or web interviews to quantify the degree to which certain features are desired, and to assess the likely demand. We present you with the findings and recommend which features to incorporate according to your sales objectives.


"The research really crystallized the business opportunity for us and confirmed the direction we should be taking."
Senior Product Manager, Content Solutions, Autodesk

New Product Development Case Studies


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