Database Analysis

Your database of 'suspects', 'prospects' and 'customers' can be analysed to provide accurate market intelligence and be a powerful tool so that the benefits you reap from your data can be increased significantly.


database services


Analysis of your data can enable you to identify categories and characteristics that then allow for more precise target marketing. And when you know which sectors your best customers are in, you can also use comparisons with other databases to size the sectors you are addressing and identify more likely customers.


Statistical Relational Analysis

We will analyse your database using an appropriate statistical routine that will show the relationship between the various fields. The data is then segmented into categories that give the most valuable market intelligence, including:


  • geographical location
  • industry sector
  • company size
  • sales


Key Benefits

Our analysis of your data will enable you to:


  • increase the returns from your direct marketing through specifically targeting those you can sell the most to
  • set up a cost effective marketing strategy through identifying current penetration levels in your target market
  • maximise the return on your database marketing investment


Business Advantage

In addition to our expertise with data, we are specialists in the IT and telecommunications sectors. This means that as well as using advanced statistical routines to analyse your data, we are applying our knowledge of your target markets to draw out information that gives you competitive advantage.


Through further analysis we will identify relationships in the data and highlight the profit making potential of the segmented customer groups. When we know in which sectors your best customers are based, we can size those sectors and establish your current level of market penetration. This will help you design more successful future marketing campaigns.


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