General Projects

For the CAD/CAM sector


CAD CAM projects

We have carried out many hundreds of projects within the CAD/CAM Sector - a listing of some of our work is outlined below:



  • Market studies - looking at new markets, trends, size etc.
  • Market Share analysis including input in to a European Product and Marketing Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking projects
  • A European wide study into Service and Support Provision by a CAD/CAM software developer
  • A worldwide study into Service and Support Provision in the CAD/CAM sector (Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific)
  • Market Sizing studies including the whole CAD/CAM market, sector by sector and separate studies for both the Civil and Mechanical Engineering sectors
  • Customer Satisfaction Research - both users and partners
  • Image and Awareness Research
  • Building specialised databases of CAD/CAM and GIS resellers
  • Building and keeping up to date a 20,000 site CAD/CAM User Site Database
  • Designing, building and implementing a database marketing system (in Access) for a number of clients in the Technical Computing area - CAD/CAM Prospect Gold
  • Numerous business development projects - including in-depth company profiling
  • Pricing for differing large format printer offerings
  • Usage study on large format printers in Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific
  • Pricing model for viewing and redlining product
  • Pricing issues for warranties
  • Fulfilling Consultancy assignments in Marketing Strategies, Channel Strategies and Service development - all within the Technical Computing arena


Read one or two case studies covering the CAD/CAM/PLM sectors


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