Image and Awareness


Understanding how you and your competitors are perceived in the market has profound implications for the development of your marketing strategy.


Image and Awareness Research


Seeing your business through the market's eyes and measuring their awareness of you will be the basis for highly targeted action that leads to sustained competitive advantage.


The information we supply will support the following types of action:


  • strengthening/changing your company image as necessary
  • re-allocating your advertising spend to different media types or titles/channels if your message is not reaching the right people
  • establishing the level of resources needed to raise awareness within your target market
  • promotion of certain unique selling points according to the perceived strengths/weaknesses of competitors.


We'll develop a questionnaire that enables our expert telephone interviewers to extract the information you need, and ensure that the sample of respondents selected are representative of your target market. We then analyse the detailed findings and present them to you in a user friendly written report with graphical illustrations. Most importantly, our recommendations will be clear and actionable.


Image and Awareness Case Studies


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