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In-depth Company Profiling
in-depth profiling


Better Business Opportunities through Deep Profiling


It's logical that the more you know about your prospects, the better your chances of converting them into long term customers. In-depth company profiling involves getting right inside a business to really understand their decision making processes - including who is involved, the criteria for choosing a supplier, and what they expect from a supplier.


Business Advantage can help you to really understand your best prospects and take the most effective sales and marketing action.


Key Benefits


The in-depth information we can provide on key prospects will enable you to:


  • take better targeted sales and marketing action
  • produce solutions to the concerns and problems of potential customers
  • develop better services based on knowledge of real needs
  • develop sustained and productive relationships with valued customers


Our recent article Open up New Business Streams with Key Prospects looks at how a full understanding of your major prospects is critical to your successful engagement with them.


The Process of Profiling


Using a combination of secondary desk and primary research skills, our highly effective and accomplished researchers will search existing data and interview key staff at all levels of the selected companies using a blend of market research and telemarketing techniques.


The information is drawn together and a report is supplied on the findings, together with recommendations on action to take.


Depth of Skill and Experience at Business Advantage


We have the combination of experience and expertise in key fields that enables us to produce 'killer' information on your best prospects:


  • in-depth knowledge of the IT and Telecommunications industries
  • vast practical experience of sales and marketing in these fields
  • highly skilled, professional research and telemarketing staff who are interviewing people at all levels on an ongoing basis


With many languages spoken in the team, we can profile companies anywhere in the world.


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