CAD Trends in AEC 2017


Knowing about trends is vital for future planning in the AEC sector.

Based on the Annual Global CAD Trends 2017 survey, this report is a detailed analysis of 15 CAD Trends within the AEC segment.

Learn which trends are strongest and where, what growth is expected, where awareness of trends leads to actual usage.

There are also many deeper insights available in this report specific to the AEC sector. This report is...

  • Based on 272 global participants who are designers and architects and managers in the AEC sector
  • The survey reports...
    • ...perceived importance
    • ...actual usage of these trends
    • ...potential future usage of these trends over time
  • Analysis on these 15 trends by geographic regions and size of company
  • Year-on-year changes in awareness
  • Perceived importance and current usage of these 15 trends specific to the AEC sector



Who Should Read this Report?

  • Product, Development and Marketing Managers of AEC Industry Software Vendors
  • Hardware Vendors
  • Executives and Decision Makers within Design, Engineering and IT including CAD Managers
  • Research Professionals and Analysts



Why Should You Read this Report?

To understand what professional engineers, designers, architects and managers around the world perceive to be important, their actual and future usage plans for 15 AEC topics and trends.

CAD Trends in the AEC Sector
Architectural, Engineering and Construction


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