New Market Opportunities

In a fiercely competitive industry the ability to carve out a new market can be the key to success. However, launching into a new market requires an understanding of the opportunities, risks, competitors, potential customers and other key players.


New Market Opportunities


To make an informed decision about a new market, you need to quantify the potential demand for your product or service and find out how this need is currently being met.


Business Advantage has a wealth of international experience in researching new markets, particularly in the information and communications technology sectors and has the expertise to extract high quality intelligence about very technical or niche markets. Our expert researchers have a track record of piecing together pictures of new markets where scant information exists. We can identify new opportunities in vertical markets, in a particular country or region, or for different uses of the same product or service.


Our research into the potential of new markets can enable you to:


  • better understand your current market
  • identify other niches within this market
  • identify a new market altogether
  • increase your revenue


  • understand the characteristics/needs of prospects in the new market and plan a marketing strategy
  • understand the threats you will face and plan to counter them accordingly.

Our research techniques will vary according to your objectives, but typically we will first establish a general market picture through desk research, use in-depth interviews with potential customers to gather views on the need for your product or service and how this is currently being met, and larger sample interviews will quantify the potential demand for your product or service.


"By finding out which countries currently use this type of product, how they use it and where else we might be able to sell it, we were able to decide with confidence and precision whether and how to attack this new market."


Regional Manager EMEA, Powerwave

New Market Opportunities Case Studies


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