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Projects in Telecommunications Sector Completed by Business Advantage


Examples of completed projects in Telecommunications


  • Channel Research - mystery shopping telephone interviews with client's own call centres to assess whether broadband is being recommended.
  • Competitor Analysis - of internet services amongst competitors across several countries
  • Competitor Analysis - products & marketing benchmarking research
  • Competitor Analysis - pricing benchmarking research
  • Data Cleaning - data quality checks on a country by country basis
  • Data Cleaning - cleaning records for CRM system, amending errors, removing duplications, adding missing data, identifying inactive contacts and finding replacement contacts
  • Data Building - acquisition of new contacts within specified business functions
  • Employee Satisfaction - gathering information on job satisfaction, perceptions of management, perceptions of the employee's own role and reaction to company communications
  • New Product Development and New Market Opportunity - research amongst competitors and network providers across Europe and the US for a new mobile infrastructure product to understand, validate and estimate the size of the true market opportunity, identify target customers, identify additional key product features desired by customers, understand customer's perception of value proposition, review competitor's product portfolios, assess market readiness and forecast adoption rate
  • Usage & Attitude - Communications and Marketing Support Tools Improvement Research using qualitative group discussions, face-to-face depth interviews and telephone interviews
  • Usage & Attitude - research into the usability of the product, ease of use, likelihood to use in real life, likeability of the product, how much do they like it overall, what do they particularly like/dislike, likelihood to subscribe to such a product, perceptions of cost/value of such a product.


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