Usage and Attitude

Usage and attitude studies investigate all aspects of the relationship between users and a specific product, service or market.


Usage and Attitude


It is only by understanding the consumers' needs, what they are doing and why, that you can deliver the right products and services to them in the right place at the right time. Usage and attitude studies have to recognise the fact that as markets have become more complex, and niche marketing more popular, so brand usage, habits and attitudes may differ according to different types of use or different user groups.


Our usage and attitude studies can provide you with:


  • a general overview of the market to enable you to identify problems and find solutions for them
  • an integrated database enabling the influence of needs and attitudes upon product/service usage to be assessed
  • segmentation of the market according to particular types of use or particular user groups enabling the identification of gaps in the market.


Thus, for example one might wish to find out who is using e-commerce, who is planning to and why. This project would reveal the trends, identify current or possible future problems and meet the demand for related products.


"For our customers, we now have a much better understanding of where and why they purchase, and how open they are to changing these patterns."
World Wide media Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

Typical steps in obtaining this type of information include:


  • The definition of objectives. This includes defining the sample universe, e.g. should it contain users of your specific IT product or any IT user?
  • The methodology (typically by telephone) and questions are agreed, e.g. "How often do you use the internet? How would you prefer to transfer data to your clients?" etc.
  • The fieldwork is carried out
  • The results are cross analysed to an agreed level
  • An incisive report is given to the client with action points.


Usage and Attitude Case Studies


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