Customer Loyalty

Improving customer loyalty! It is a challenge but vital to business success!


Customer Loyalty


Business Advantage helps leading companies in the high technology sector to analyse the effectiveness of their current customer loyalty programmes. We help measure:


  • Satisfaction levels
  • Churn rates
  • Referral rates
  • Profitability


We help you understand who your most valuable customers are; how to achieve a higher standard of customer care, what is most important to them, and how to turn your most valuable customers into your most loyal customers.


Business Advantage's hybrid approach combining global research skills with consultancy services and high level customer loyalty implementation is exactly what our clients look for.


We utilise both secondary and primary research methodologies, provide workshops to distill best thinking, develop customer strategies, map customer and operational processes and train your people to achieve higher standards of customer service and care.

Infor Global Solutions (Baan) - Vice President of Marketing


"Business Advantage was able to provide the combination of research, consultancy and conference facilitating services that we needed. They were very professional and well organised and did a great job of interviewing the customers prior to the conference in Rome. The conference was an extremely high level, important event and we needed a senior individual like Chris Turner to facilitate a strategic planning discussion between very high-ranking executives from around the world. Chris was very effective as a third party in this environment; he clearly has a lot of experience in this field, and enhanced the event through his understanding of our needs and the direction he provided. Chris was very successful at drawing out opinions from all members of the group, pursuing avenues of thought and enabling valuable conclusions to be drawn and our senior executive team to expand their relationships with our most important customers."


Business Advantage will help you formulate and implement outstanding customer loyalty programmes that can transform your business.


Let us start today to work closely with you to improve your customer loyalty.


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