Corporate Strategies

Creating corporate advantage requires you to not only execute around sound strategic thinking and planning but also quickly and effectively react to the constantly changing corporate environment around you.


Corporate Strategies


Business advantage is not easy to achieve at the best of times and you may not be in the best of times. How will you build corporate growth? How will you gain and maintain competitive advantage?


One option is analysed in our recent article Economy Makes Bosses Consider Smarter Working in which we argue that the current global economic turmoil is expected to make more employers look at the benefits of smarter working for their staff.


Business Advantage's Expertise in Strategic Consultancy


We help many leading hi-tech companies, like Autodesk, BT, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, MapInfo, Microsoft, Oracle, Sony, SAP, Sophos, SUN, StorageTek, Xerox and many others, to better understand their markets, focus on clear strategic objectives and drive business growth.


Business Advantage will help you surmount the central strategic challenges you face; help you work through the mine field of factors that impact a firm's choice of scope, organisation and ownership. Help you determine what information you lack - what you don't know and what you must know in order to achieve corporate advantage.


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Our client experience includes the analysis, review and development of overall corporate strategy and specific competitive strategies, marketing and business planning as well as profit improvement programmes and distribution and customer service strategies. We can assist in the development of international service offerings, researching and analysing competitors, developing winning competitive strategies and implementing them.


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