Data Sourcing

Good Data - life-blood of any business


You want a reliable prospect list with up-to-date contact details which fit your criteria to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and develop new business. Sounds easy enough, but in practice it can be a minefield because there are so many companies claiming to be able to do this, but which one do you choose and how much do you pay?


data sourcing                 data sourcing                 data sourcing



Business Advantage works with a wide variety of B2B data suppliers on a daily basis. We have access to proprietary databases and also hold a large repository of in-house data. This means we can supply you with a precisely targeted single database from a combination of sources rather than just one supplier.


Business Advantage specialise in sourcing very hard to find B2B data:


CAD/CAM Data - one area of specialism


  • in niche markets (particularly in specialist high technology usage sectors)
  • in any country
  • whilst matching your criteria cost effectively.


One of your main criteria will be to 'drill-down' to reach that key Decision Maker in that 'oh so very niche' market. Since 1992 Business Advantage has been helping many leading IT Vendors and their Channel Partners to source data that tightly and specifically meets their requirements. We have literally sourced data for hundreds of different projects from all over the world. Our expertise will source this data for you.


Business advantage also hold the UK's database for the CAD/CAM industry with details of over 130,000 CAD/CAM seats, 35,000 named decision makers, 30,000 Email addresses and 15,000 user sites, updated on an ongoing basis.


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