Data Enhancing

How valuable is your sales and marketing contact data? By enhancing your data you can increase its value significantly.


data enhancing


The more information you have on your customers and potential customers, the better you will be able to target your marketing activities. The more characteristics you have data on, the more scope you have for identifying clusters of potential customers for whom differing marketing approaches may be more effective.


The Process

The data enhancement process is divided into two stages which can, but do not have to, follow on:


a) Electronic data enhancement


Provide us with your database in any format and we will match the records against other proprietary databases.


We will enhance matching records with additional data such as:


  • size (revenue or employees)
  • industry sector
  • subsidiaries
  • key executives
  • email address
  • direct telephone.


b) Tele-enhancing


For any records that do not match above or where full information is not available electronically, Business Advantage's telemarketing teams can enhance your data with direct calls into the businesses, drilling down to find key contacts as required.


Your database is then returned to you with enhanced capacity for effective marketing. Any company records that don't match can be telemarketed by our specialist IT telemarketing team.


Key Benefits

Business Advantage

Increasing the level of detail you hold for your prospects enables you to:


  • gain a better return from your direct marketing through precise targeting
  • undertake more detailed analysis of your database, e.g. identifying characteristics of prime prospects.


We combine expertise in the IT and Telecommunications sectors and database marketing to help you extract maximum benefit from your prospect data. There is no more cost-effective way to access data of this depth and accuracy.


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