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lead generation


"These sales leads were a highly cost-effective source of information, allowing us to get in front of some excellent prospects, with extremely successful results."
CEO (CAD Division), Thom Micro Systems

Business Opportunity Finders


Maximising the efforts of specialist sales staff means enabling them to focus on negotiating and closing deals. Using a team of skilled b2b telemarketers (B2B opportunity finders) to generate sales leads and set up meetings and appointments for them is the most cost-effective way of doing this.


Business Advantage's team of professional b2b telemarketers can make skillful, direct approaches to decision makers in your target market and provide you with qualified prospects with a real interest in your products and services.


Key Benefits


Our B2B lead generation services will enable you to:


  • improve your profits by providing high quality sales leads
  • enable your sales staff to devote more time to key decision makers with an interest in your products and services
  • give you the peace of mind that your potential customers are being approached in the most professional and effective manner


How we Generate Qualified Leads for You


Working closely with you we'll ensure our team of lead generators have the necessary knowledge of your products, and then we'll agree on the appropriate structure and content for their approaches to potential customers. We can use your own prospect data, a targeted selection from our own comprehensive and accurate databases, or we can source further data from external sources as appropriate. You will receive easily actionable details of the appointments or meetings made according to your preferences.


Business Advantage through Global Lead Generation


Lead generation is part of our core business - we offer the most professional and productive way of generating genuine sales prospects. Our lead generators are professional b2b telemarketers who deal with senior decision makers throughout the IT and Telecommunications sectors. They have the time, technique and ability to cut through to the objective - getting your sales people in front of potential purchasers. There is no need to commit to a full project; you can gauge the effectiveness of our operations during an initial pilot period. And with many different languages spoken in the team, we can tackle international, multi-national markets.


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