Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD)

The Mechanical Computer Aided Design sector has been a particular specialism for Business Advantage since 1992.


Mechanical Computer Aided Design, MCAD


Our recent article Global Web Search as a New Marketing Planning Tool for CAD Vendors looks at the changing levels of interest in leading MCAD solutions by examining search volume trends across the globe.


Read also Winning Tactics for Leading Vendors in Competitive MCAD Markets where we look at the issues MCAD software vendors are facing as customers' expectations of 3D technology increase.


Some examples of the types of projects we have carried out for MCAD software vendors include the following:


  • Dozens of telemarketing lead generation projects targeting decision makers in the global MCAD markets of automotive, aerospace, defence and discrete manufacturing
  • For a world leading MCAD software vendor Business Advantage carried out research throughout the UK, France and Germany with users of a competitive MCAD solution in the aerospace and automotive industry
  • Interviewing heads of mechanical engineering faculties within universities in Russia, China and France, Business Advantage delivered important education insight for a world leading software vendor
  • Business Advantage carried out a series of online focus groups amongst mechanical engineering students in Germany and USA for a leading MCAD software vendor
  • Web surveys were carried out amongst MCAD resellers in UK, Sweden and the Netherlands examining real price levels for two MCAD solutions
  • A usage and attitude study in the USA, UK, France and Germany looking at user preference, satisfaction and migration of mechanical design software
  • For a leading MCAD software vendor Business Advantage researched and analysed the activity of two competitors in six US states.


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