Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) -

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)/Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Some examples of the types of projects we have carried out for CAE vendors include the following:


Telemarketing Lead Generation
Business Advantage arranged appointments for our client, a leading CFD vendor, to demonstrate their new CFD solution.


MCAE Market Analysis
We researched market size ($ value), growth rates/forecasts, market drivers and trends and identified the leading software providers within each segment.


Short List Index
Business Advantage conducted a series of projects to measure changes in a Short List Index to assess and compare the proportion of recent purchasers of Simulation solutions – propensity to purchase, selection from short-listed suppliers, reasons for purchasing chosen software, reasons for not purchasing any software and perception of vendors.


Competitive Profile of CAE Software Vendor
We created a competitive profile of a CAE software vendor to determine their Strategic Direction and Commercial and Product Strategy across 15 countries – including their Financials, Markets Targeted, Growth Markets, Product Features and Functions, Channel Strategy, Marketing Messages and Service and Support Provision.


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