September 22nd 2021

iPRINT Online Media Kit - Ad Layout

Technical Specifications
  Size (pixels) File Size
Full Banner 400 wide x 60 high 12 Kb
Half Banner 200 wide x 60 high 6 Kb
Button 100 wide x 60 high 3 Kb

Banners can be either GIF or JPEG formats. We accept animated images in the GIF 89a format, either in single or infinite loops. For standardisation purposes, we do not accept ads that incorporate Java, Shockwave, Future Splash, video or any other multimedia format other than GIF 89a animation. We do not accept MAP files. GIF files must be transparent, and must contain no more than 256 colours.

On 'Run of Site' rotating ads, advertisers are encouraged to provide up to three versions of each banner to rotate during the campaign (there is no additional cost for this service).

We require three business days to post banners once received, providing materials are created in accordance to the above specifications.