September 22nd 2021

iCT archive - AEC

  • New Event in LondonThe 2004 Construction Computing Event - IT Solutions for the Construction Industry...Spring 2004
  • Reading MattersWhat are the best publications to advertise in? Find out what managers of design functions in the AEC and electronic engineering sectors are actually reading...September 2002
  • Website WishlistFind out what features would tempt AEC CAD managers to visit their suppliers' websites .. and who has made it on to their Internet favourites list...May 2002
  • Newsletter ViewsManagers of design functions at 260 AEC sites give their views on supplier newsletters...March 2002
  • 3D AEC Intelligence Quest......many potential customers remain unconvinced of the benefits of 3D and intelligent modelling...January 2002
  • Revit Technology plans AEC world dominationRevit Technology has caused quite a stir in the AEC CAD world since it started trading globally in May 2000. Its aim is nothing less than to conquer the worldwide market - and without any channel support...December 2000

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