Product Data Management/Product Lifecycle Management (PDM/PLM)

Business Advantage help many PDM and PLM vendors to better understand their markets and drive business growth.




Our recent article An Insight into PDM Solutions in the CAD Sector looks at the growing demand for data management solutions, and the opportunities this presents for CAD software vendors.


Some examples of the types of projects we have carried out for PLM vendors include the following:


  • Sales Lead Generation - Quality Managers, Engineering Directors/Managers, Product Directors/Managers and other managers connected with decision making for PLM solutions were contacted by our specialist telemarketing team in companies with over 250 employees. Although lead generation was the primary aim of the project, other key information was collected and the level of interest in PLM recorded by our telemarketing team to enable our client to better undersand the potential interest in PLM in the future
  • Company Profiling - not only do we gather the names and contact details of key people but we also uncover unpublished information which enables clients to quickly decide if an account fits its target profile before undertaking expensive sales or marketing campaigns. This additional information includes, size of product range, average time to market of new products, relationships with suppliers, how their opinions are formed about PLM and other design and engineering issues, where they go to receive information so that their opinions can be properly shaped, how satisfied they are with current technology, what improvements they would like to see to PLM technologies, who would be involved in the decision making process for PLM etc.
  • Data Provision - our UK CAD/CAM User Site Database contains the details of some 15,000 UK sites that use CAD, CAM or both and it is the ideal resource for PLM based business development projects
  • Market Research into the PLM Market - we have enabled many clients to better understand: new market opportunities, competitors, what customers think of their products and services, what new product features or services would be best received, future buying intentions, the awareness and impact of their brand/products
  • Market Study - this study, for a leading PLM supplier, looked at the fashion industry, in particular leading fashion houses in UK, France, Belgium and Germany to understand issues surrounding the subject of Product Data Management systems, Collaborative Manufacturing and e-manufacturing. Senior Directors/Managers were targeted to understand; whether the companies outsourced or manufactured all or some of their own clothing, whether product data management systems were in place, or whether they were being considered and whether the companies were using supply chain management systems or were looking to improve it. Please read our PLM in the Fashion Industry article.
  • Corporate Profiling in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Sector - our client, a leading PLM software vendor, wanted detailed profiles of eight targeted companies in the CPG sector, plus some food and beverage companies. Detailed information was provided on: organisational structure, centralised and decentralised, funtional versus product matrix, multiple site details, key contacts in the DMU's with contact details, PLM and related systems in use, business and channel partners they work with and plans in place for PLM.


So when it comes to the PLM market, please contact Business Advantage for any market research intelligence that you feel you lack. Similarly, if you feel that you want to generate qualified sales leads or profile key accounts or generally develop more and better business opportunities from the global PLM sector, we believe that as a specialist marketing partner, we can help, probably better than any other company. After all, we have been providing tailored research and business development services in the PLM sector for many years.


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