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CAD/CAM/PLM Prospect/Customer Databases - Maximising Their Effectiveness


Data Improvement Services


Data only has value if it is accurate


Inaccurate data not only acts as a constraint upon marketing effectiveness, it can actually damage business reputations. Business Advantage can enable you to maximise the value of your CAD/CAM/PLM user prospect and customer data by cleaning, enhancing and expanding it. Data cleaning and enhancement is a global service. Our multi-lingual research and database marketing teams can clean your existing data and build new data sets in any country. Please call +44 (0) 1689 873636, or to discuss your requirements.


In the UK, our cleaning and enhancing service is powerfully strengthened because of our database of UK CAD/CAM User Sites - widely considered as the cleanest and most accurate available.


In the UK, Business Advantage offer a database service which has four basic elements, from which you can mix and match according to your needs:


1. Data Cleaning


Clients provide their database to us (in absolute confidence) and we match the records against the Business Advantage CAD/CAM User Site Database.


For all records that match, we will update the client's records with such information as Company Name, Address, Contact Names, Telephone and Fax Numbers etc. We will also annotate any of the client's records that our database shows as 'dead'.


All the matching sites are therefore fully updated. As we have telephone interviewed each organisation on the CAD/CAM User Site database and will continue to do so every 6 months, you can be assured that your data is always up to date and accurate.


COST: set-up and service charge of £500 - 30p per matched and updated record.


2. Data Enhancement


This service enables clients to increase the amount of information available for each record. We will enhance all records that match with ours, with additional data, such as:


  • Name and business title of additional senior decision makers
  • CAD/CAM software used and number of seats
  • Hardware platform installed
  • Size of company by number of employees
  • Industry Sector
  • Business Activity
  • CAD/CAM Application area


This provides organisations with greater intelligence on both their customers and prospective customers and enables them to target their marketing activities more finely. Please contact us for details of set-up and service charge.


3. Database Building - Adding New Records


Many of our clients would like to expand their own CAD/CAM user databases by adding new companies from their target market sectors. do you avoid paying for data you already have?


The answer is the Business Advantage Database Building Service. We will run your database against the Business Advantage CAD/CAM User Site Database to identify sites that are within your target market(s) but are not currently on your database. We will then add all the records you do not have.


Choose the data you need


Our standard service, which is available on three levels, lets you choose the data profile to meet your needs:


  • Mini Profile: Name & address, telephone number & one senior contact.
  • Medium Profile: As above, plus industry type.
  • Full Profile: As medium, plus up to three named contacts, number of CAD seats, CAD software, hardware platform, business activity, application area & number of employees.


.......or customise and create your own data profile by using some of the above information and adding items such as; brand(s) of computers used, types of plotting technology used, brands of plotting devices etc.


Choose the market area(s) you address


Only add those records which fall into your market area(s). You specify the new contacts from literally hundreds of different combinations of search criteria, such as:


  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Hardware Platform
  • Geographical Location
  • Business Activity
  • No. of CAD/CAM Seats
  • Plotting Technology
  • CAD/CAM Application
  • Size of Organisation
  • Brand(s) of Hardware


Use the Business Advantage Database Building


To develop your database by adding only the most valuable and relevant contacts, quickly and easily and at a fraction of the cost of other methods.




Set-up and service charge of £500 (waived if the Data Cleaning Service and/or Data Enhancement Services are being used) then there is a charge for each new site depending on the information profile selected. (See the UK CAD/CAM User Site Database Purchase Options Price List which allows multiple use from 90p per site).

4. Tele-cleaning the Rest


Any companies on your database that don't match up with the Business Advantage CAD/CAM User Site Database will need to be tele-cleaned. Business Advantage provide a simple tele-cleaning service that costs just £260 per day plus a £1,500 set-up charge.


For further information, contact us on +44 (0) 1689 873636, or


Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes