Channel Partner Research & Recruitment

in the CAD/CAM sector


Knowledge of how to distribute products within the CAD/CAM/PLM market is one of Business Advantage's greatest strengths.


Channel Partner Research & Recruitment


Many companies count on their Channel Partners to maximise their revenues, help them increase penetration into foreign markets or alternative business sectors, to raise their profile and promote their brand, and achieve high levels of recognition and customer satisfaction.


Our Experience in Recruiting Channel Partners


Many high technology software and hardware companies, including Autodesk, Bentley, Dassault Systemes, PTC, Siemens PLM, Cadtek, Intel, Graphtec, HP, SGI and Sun Microsystems have benefited from Business Advantage's research and business development work within the global CAD/CAM channel. This enables them to:


  • Identify the most productive resellers to add to their channel organisation
  • Channel products through the most active resellers thus increasing sales and profits
  • Target precisely using wide ranging selection criteria


Typically, our research and profiling of resellers includes capturing, amongst others, the following information:


  • Full contact details, including company name, address, Tel & Fax numbers
  • Web site address
  • E-mail addresses
  • Senior decision-makers and job titles
  • Type of Reseller
  • CAD/CAM Software sold
  • CAD/CAM hardware sold
  • CAD/CAM peripherals sold
  • CAD/CAM application expertise
  • Value added services offered
  • Size of company by number of employees
  • Size of company by turnover
  • Size of company by number of CAD/CAM systems sold per year
  • When company first started
  • When company first started in CAD/CAM sector
  • Openness to, interest in, an alternative or new reseller proposition.


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Growing your Business the Indirect Way


Growing your Business the Indirect Way

These are just examples of the kind of data that can be collected. Each project is tailored to your precise requirements so we will gather whatever intelligence or information you want to know. What do you want to know?


Business Advantage also provides a full partner development service, for more on this see Distribution Strategies


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