Worldwide CAD Trends 2014 Survey Results


Future planning is key for any business - and through this survey we want to assist you in that process in 2014 and beyond.

The survey reports perceived importance, actual and future usage trends for 14 topics related to CAD and reveals insights including:

  • AEC no longer lags Manufacturing in "3D Modelling" use
  • 28% now use 'Simulation' - highest use in Germany (47%) and the USA (35%)
  • "BIM" will enjoy higher than average future growth - main benefits seen as design improvement (59%), savings on design time (54%) and cost (35%)
  • Are annual software upgrades worth the investment?
  • To what extent are CAD models downloaded

There is also a 2015 Annual CAD Trends Survey Report available.

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CAD Trends 2014
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