Voice of the Customer

“People  buy what they need from those who understand what they want” (Bill Brooks and Tom Travesano).

Learning  what customers want entails listening to the voice of the customer and there are many focused types of market research that often can and should be part of a programme to better understand what customers want.

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Current and Future Hardware Usage for CAD

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series CAD Trends 2016

Key Insight: For CAD, Desktop Hardware usage is forecast to decline, Mobile and Virtual Hardware usage to increase.

This post publishes more specific details on current and future intended usage of different hardware for CAD from the Worldwide CAD Trends 2016 Survey. These survey results are based on responses from CAD users, Designers, Engineers, Professionals including managers and senior executives.

Current and future hardware usage for CAD

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You  need benchmarking because it isn’t enough just to know what your own sales figures are, or that the average battery life on your product is 11 hours before recharging is required, or the fact that 95% of your customer support calls are resolved within 8 hours.  In an ever increasingly competitive world, you need to know what the expectations of your customers are, how you rank against this and also how your competitors rate – if their figures show that their average battery life is 22 hours, and 99.5% of customer support calls are resolved within 6 hours who looks the more attractive to the potential customer? Continue reading Benchmarking

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