Sample Buyer Persona Guide for Interviewers (Part 6 of 7 Series)

6. Sample Buyer Persona Guide for Interviewers

Please understand that this is an interview guide, it is NOT intended as a questionnaire and should NOT be used as one. It is just a guide to some subject areas that the conversation must explore when seeking profound insights for a Buyer Persona.

Subject Some Subject Areas to Explore
Personal Details Name; Age; Marital and family status;  Education; Qualifications
Company Details Name; Revenue; Employees; Industry; Purpose
Professional Role Job title; Role; Responsibilities; Knowledge and Skills required; Reporting Structure (up and down); Describe a typical day
Goals, Purposes, Challenges, Success How are goals, purposes and challenges (business and personal) going to be accomplishedand success measured? Why depart from the status quo?
Obstacles and Frustrations How are behaviour and mindset affected by business or personal obstacles and frustrations or planning to overcome them? Why will they spend time and budget to resolve?
Buyers Who’s involved and what are their behaviours – Buyers, Influencers, Decision makers…?
Buying Preferences How, where (e.g. channel) and when do they buy and most importantly why are these their preferences? Why do buyers invest in solutions like yours, and what is different about buyers who are satisfied with the status quo? Map out their purchasing and procurement policies, buying process, activities and decision making behaviourally and why?
Thinking Preferences How they think and why they make buying decisions – principles, attitudes; beliefs, motivations; perceptions that affect behaviours
Watering holes How they obtain or learn about new information relevant to their job – choices and behaviour with regard to media, associations, social networks
Communication Preferences Preferred ways to receive and give information and how these affect or determine behaviours
Research Preferences Preferred ways to research vendors, products, services; how content is used and how it affects or determines behaviours
Others Categories applicable and unique to your business

Lastly – if all these tips are overwhelming please talk to us about some Consultancy to help you figure out your best Buyer, or other, Persona research approach.

See this AUTODESK® CASE STUDY on the creation and use of Buyer Personas (Autodesk® is a leading software supplier for the CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, PDM and many other markets).

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