CAD Trends – How Best to Reach CAD Decision Makers, Managers and Users?

For CAD professionals it’s interesting to know peer preferences but for CAD suppliers it is vital to know target audience preferences for staying up to date in order to best plan effective marketing.

Our Worldwide CAD Trends 2015 Survey revealed specific CAD user and manager preferences for staying up to date with the latest CAD industry developments. The survey results are based on responses from CAD users, Designers, Engineers, Professionals including managers and senior executives. You can access the recorded webinar here.

how to best reach CAD users

The above chart  is published in the full results (link above) and shows consolidated results for all job types. Looking in more detail, in order to compare results across segments revealed that Senior Decision Makers, Middle Management and CAD Users use different sources of information to keep up to date with the latest developments in the CAD industry.

All three groups use internet search engines as their most popular source of CAD information. Of course, search engines are more a method of finding information rather than a source of information but this emphasizes the huge importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for all suppliers of CAD systems, software and services.

how to best reach CAD users, managers and decision makers

Thereafter mid. management and CAD users have similar top preferences but senior decision makers (though interpret these with caution as we have a much smaller sample size for this group) indicate somewhat different preferences.

Highest ranking preferences of Information Sources by Job Description

It’s equally important to know which sources of CAD information are less likely to be preferred and hence least likely to be effective in reaching each target group.

Lowest ranking preferences of Information Sources by Job Description

It is especially interesting to review the larger differences between the preferences of these groups, the popularity of different media across regions and trends year over year in comparison to the 2014.

  • White papers are the 3rd preference at 39% of senior decision makers but 15th preference at 20% for mid. management and 13th at only 17% for CAD users
  • Case studies ranked 12th at 26% for senior managers but 17th at only 14% for mid. management and 18th at only 9% for CAD users
  • Across regions webinars have lower use in EMEA, perhaps because of languages
  • Tradeshows, seminars and road shows have lower usage in North America
  • White Papers and Case Studies have higher usage in APAC than in EMEA
  • Year over year online blogs/CAD Forums/Other Forums have seen the biggest gain in usage, followed by Webinars

The Worldwide CAD Trends 2015 Survey Report is a high level report and as this example shows many deeper insights are available from the full data set. If you are interested in more detailed analysis/insights, for example CAD managers’ preferences by region, industry or software vendor, then please feel free to contact us.

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