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BLOG MISSION: To share insights, best practices and results of our B2B market research, consulting and sales development services and how they helped our clients to achieve their sales, marketing and ultimately their business objectives.

The goal is to help you create substantial and lasting improvements in the performance of your businessHowever you choose to grow your business and out-perform your competitors, you must get key activities right: strategy and planning; acquiring accurate market intelligence; and taking effective action to turn potential customers into real ones. Whether you choose to carry out all these activities in-house or collaborate with Business Advantage to assist you – the ideas and insights on this blog will help you.

SUMMARY EXPERTISE: Here’s a brief summary of our expertise but for more specific detail please see our website ‘About Us’ page.

  • We are an international B2B market research, data and sales development consulting practice formed in 1992.
  • 30+ professional staff
  • In depth knowledge and experience of IT, Telecoms and Tech sectors
  • 1,200 + assignments successfully completed in over 100 countries
  • International experience and language skills to successfully complete research globally
  • Specialists in provision of hybrid research and consulting solutions to solve complex business problems.

CLIENTS AND TESTIMONIALS: We’ve helped many companies make their growth journey as our Business to Business (B2B) market research and analyses always include actionable recommendations and implementation strategies. Plus we often help our clients execute those strategies in various business development ways. Please see these testimonial or case study  pages.

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