B2B Market Research, Analysis and Consultancy Services for the Worldwide Information Technology (IT) Sector

Since formation in 1992, Business Advantage has specialised in the global IT sector. All of our staff have worked in the IT sector for many years and we have completed more than 350 projects for leading software, hardware and IT services Vendors and their Channel Partners.


Information Technology


We help many leading hi-tech companies, like Autodesk, BT, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, MapInfo (now part of Pitney Bowes), Microsoft, Oracle, Sony, SAP, Sophos, SUN, Xerox and many others, to grow their businesses through the provision of tailored research & market analysis, database marketing and various business development services.


Our recent article Going Green in the Asia-Pacific Region takes a broad look at the Green IT market in the light of the current economic downturn.


Another article The Ultimate Blended Threat analyses why security is failing in spite of all the technology available that is supposed to protect us against every theoretical threat that might possibly exist.