Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis can help you define your market, assess your customers' changing attitudes and gain competitive intelligence.


market research and analysis


Research and analysis aids strategic thinking and decision making. Good market research and analysis reduces the risk of making the wrong decision. So, whether you wish to launch a new product, extend an established brand, plan market diversification or simply assess a current situation or trend, Business Advantage will provide the solutions.


Business Advantage provides you with the business-to-business information you need to maximise profits in existing markets or new/developing markets. Our B2B research and analysis expertise and in-depth knowledge of the IT and Telecommunications industries enables us to supply high quality, accurate market intelligence. This means you can then implement more profitable business and marketing plans.


Our recent article Know Your Market - A Guide to Market Analysis looks at why conducting a Market Analysis is essential to determine if there is a need for your product or service.


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Business Advantage's Approach to Research


All our research is tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. Each research project team is compiled to provide the best combination of languages, research skills and industry expertise. Every research project has a dedicated Project Manager and Project Director who are actively involved in the day to day running of the project.


On first meeting our clients we take time to understand their business, markets, services, needs and challenges in order to understand their requirements and make an assessment of the most appropriate form of research to provide.


We use CATI and CAWI data collection and have some innovative in house developed tools for more complex projects. All our research is conducted from our own call centre in the UK and we can provide research in all the world's major languages.



"Business Advantage obtain information that is
simply not available from other sources."


Senior Product Manager, AEC Strategic Initiatives, Autodesk


Marketing Research and Analysis Techniques


Qualitative research

allows us to explore issues in depth in a relatively unstructured manner, yielding insight into how people really think and behave and more importantly why.


Quantitative research

provides metrics and statistically based numerical data that measure the response to pre-defined questions.


Hybrid approach

offers the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research combined with additional services such as secondary research, competitor analysis, lead generation and consultancy.

Business Advantage offers a range of market and analysis services including:


Channel research

Competitor analysis

Image and awareness

Market sizing and trends

New market opportunities

New product development

Pricing research

Satisfaction Studies

Usage and attitude

Our B2B Expertise


Since 1992, our team of specialist researchers and analysts have undertaken B2B research and analysis projects on a worldwide basis and have completed information and communication technology assignments in over 100 countries, spanning 5 continents. The scale and specialist expertise of our team enables us to conduct studies quickly and cost effectively.


Our B2B market research and analysis findings often highlight issues which can be solved through our consulting, database and business development services. Clients gain real benefit from our 'one stop shop' approach, building on the knowledge and expertise developed during each phase of the project.


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